The Overmountain National Victory Trail and muster

October 2, 2010

I promised a podcast on the Overmountain Men and here it is:

View overmountain-men-podcast-mp3

For this podcast I interviewed several people at Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area on the 230th anniversary of the muster of Overmountain Men. Many people were there that day and I got some good information. See my previous posting for more information about the Overmountain Men, or simply listen to the podcast.

The guitar piece accompanying the podcast is called Travel Light and was performed by Jason Shaw. I pulled the music from his website at

I narrated the podcast myself.

A quick note about the pictures on this posting:

The top picture was cropped from a larger image of about a dozen men who crossed the Watauga River at a shallow point known as the shoals. They were recreating the original crossing of 400 Virginians from Abingdon, Va., in 1780 who met another militia at Fort Watauga, which is where Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area is located.

I’ve also included below the route the Overmountain men took. That route is now a historic trail created by Congress in 1980. The trail is actually in the shape of a “Y.” In reality, men from all over this area met up with the Overmountain Men as they marched, so there were many small feeder trails, so to speak. Listen to the podcast for more information on the trail.

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