Andrew Johnson

October 10, 2010

President Andrew Johnson, America’s 17th head of state, is buried in Greeneville, Tenn.

He also lived there for most of his life. Today, people can tour his Greeneville home and also see where he is buried – at Andrew Johnson National Cemetery, also in Greeneville.

Johnson became president in 1865, following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. He was impeached by Congress because of his reluctance to punish the South for the Civil War. He was not removed from office, though.

I have provided a short video that gives a brief tour of the historic site below. Enjoy.

Today, visitors to his home can get tours and, as a fun activity, also participate in a yearly vote to impeach Johnson. These are tallied and published each year.

Tours of the home also  include a display of his tailor shop and a film on the president. A museum on the grounds offers a more in depth account of his impeachment trial and visitors can also see his grave in the national cemetery.

For more information on the historic site click here.

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